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  • Scriptable Round System
  • Ai's with Finite StateMachines
  • Round Tool for point perfect wave handling
  • Material n' Light synchronisation with Audio
  • Using HDRP
  • VFX Implementation

Horde Havoc
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  • Orc Controller
  • Camera Shake using Perlin values with roll
  • Destruction System
  • VFX Implementation
  • Traps Base Class

Counter Strikes Mods Recreated
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  • Quake Movement
  • Network(WIP)
  • Friendly Bots
  • Zombies Ai
  • Weapon System
  • Scriptable Round System

Influence Maps AI

Sort Of Realistic Helicopter Physics

Procedural Animations with Boids Flocking

HLSL Shading
  • Celshading on objects
  • Water with Edge detection with Dot
  • Grass
    • Geometry Shader
    • Tessellation to make "thick" grass cheap
    • Wind pulls on the top segment of the grass and curves it
    • Displacement with gradient by painting Sampler2D

Prop Hunt